WormScanner Installation Notes

WormScanner is part of QuantWorm (a software package for automatic phenotyping in C. elegans).

Installation Instructions

It was verified to work using Java version 1.6 (or higher)

  1. Download the zip file of WormScanner and extract it. A folder named WormScanner will contain the software.
  2. WormScanner uses video and stage components from WormTracker 2. Due to their license restrictions, please download their software directly from their website.
  3. Install WormTracker by following their installation instructions.
  4. After installing WormTracker, find the main 'jar' file of WormTracker, likely with file name: WormTracker.jar
  5. Copy such jar file to the 'lib' folder of WormScanner
  6. Compile WormScanner
  7. Run the program via clicking on the file: runit.bat

Zhong's lab.
Contact: Boanerges Aleman-Meza (mag AT wormloco.org).
Last update on 12/18/2016