Nanomaterial effects on C. elegans

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Website Tutorial

Interface of nanotoxicity database

The main webpage shows a summary heat map of toxicity endpoints of all different nanomaterials at various test conditions. Users can navigate other web pages by clicking on texts or images as marked by green regions in the below. Users can also download documents, analysis results, and software at the Download page.


Users can navigate to the Material Information page that includes a chemical’s full name, properties, source, suspension preparation method, characterization method, and microscope image (SEM or TEM).


Clicking on the 'Nanomaterials', users can navigate to the summary information page that lists all tested chemicals.


Users can click on any cell images in the summary heat map to navigate to the Trial page that lists statistics from different independent trials.


Users can then navigate to the Raw data page that includes additional analysis, measurements, and/or images.


Different webpage designs to visualize different types of nanotoxicity raw data.

Fitness data are shown as line plots displaying change in OD595 over time, bar graphs summarizing statistics, and daily OD595 numbers for each sample.


Body size results are presented as histograms showing animal length distribution, bar graphs summarizing statistics, and source images and measurements for each well. In addition, length for each animal can be downloaded by clicking “Raw Data.”


Lifespan results presented as survival curves, bar graphs summarizing statistics, and tables showing the number of live animals in each well in each day. Users can click the number on the table to display the source images of the well. The source images are two time-lapse images taken two minutes apart with live (moving) animals marked.


Locomotion results are displayed as bar graphs summarizing statistics and tables showing the number of tracks detected in each video. Clicking the image or text in the table leads a user to the raw data page where the speed of each track is displayed. The raw data page also displays the last frame of the video with all tracks marked. Clicking on this image downloads the source video.