Nanomaterial Information

Symbol MWNT-30-5
Name Multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Source Nanolab, Waltham, MA

Dispersant Tannic acid
Size Outer Diameter: 30±15 nm
Length: 1-5 µm
Aggregate Size[1] 411.6 ± 50.2 nm
-2.67 µm/(V/cm)-s 
Refractive Index 2.2

Toxicity test method

Suspension preparation method
400 mg MWNT-30-5 powder was added to 400 mL 1000 mg/L tannic acid a 500-mL glass beaker. The mixture was sonicated in an ice bath with a sonicating probe (Vibra-Cell VCX 500, Sonics & Material, Newtown, CT) at 100 W for 30 min. The sample was stored at room temperature in a 500 mL clear glass bottle wrapped in aluminum foil before use within 6 months.

Particle size measurement method

ENM electrophoretic mobility measurement.


  1. Number mean hydrodynamic diameter nm. Measured by dynamic light scattering (Zetasizer Nano, Malvern, Worcestershire, UK)
  2. Measured at ~pH 5.

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