QuantWorm : Quantitative phenotyping of C. elegans

QuantWorm is a software package for automatic phenotyping in C. elegans.

Tool Download

Software Function Download Reference Notes / User manual
WormScanner Acquisition of Images and/or Videos.
(It uses video and stage components from
WormTracker 2. Due to their license
restrictions, please download their software
directly from their website, see instructions).
Jung et al.,
PLoS One, 2014

User manual

protocols (PDF)
WormLength Analysis of worm length software, sample
WormLifespan Analysis of worm life-span software, sample
WormEgg Analysis of worm egg software, sample
WormLocomotion Analysis of worm locomotion software, sample,
WormGender Analysis of worm gender software, sample, installation Labocha et al.,
PLoS One, 2015
WormCounter Analysis to count worms in a chemotaxis assay software, sample Zhou et al.,
Genetics, 2017
WormTrapAssay Analysis to count worms in a chemotaxis
trap assay
software, sample Zhou et al.,
Genetics, 2017
MaggotTracker Analysis of fly larval locomotion software Aleman-Meza et al., BMC
Developmental Biology, 2015

Data Download

We have used QuantWorm in the following large scale studies:

Study Link to Database Reference
Nanoparticle Toxicity link Jung et al., Environ Sci Technol, 2015
Genetic Interactions - -
Worm Alarm Pheromone Link Zhou et al., Genetics,
C. elegans Locomotion link Yu et al., Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2013
D. melanogaster Locomotion link Aleman-Meza et al., BMC Genetics, 2017

Software License: Software is licensed under Academic Free License (AFL) with the following restriction: QuantWorm software is licensed only for non-commercial purposes.

Zhong's lab.
Contact: Weiwei.Zhong@rice.edu
Last update on 2/1/2018